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You ejaculate at the moment you enter the vagina or even before you enter, this is called a premature ejaculation. Research has shown that after impotence, the premature ejaculation can be a problem for the sexual experience. The reason for this may be a hypersensitivity in the penis caused by an unbalanced hormonal system. Also, your physical and mental condition have a great influence on your hormonal system and therefore also on your sexlife. If an unbalance exists in your condition, it will have a drastical influence on your sexual performance.

We receive many questions from people who want to know if there are any products as good as Erect Recover for women, to restore the feelings of lust, for example after pregnancy. Erect Recover has been developed for men but has the nice side effect of increasing and restoring the feelings of lust as in puberty. You will feel like a young god(dess) again with a strong feeling of lust. So Erect Recover is very suitable indeed to increase the feelings of lust for both men and women.